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Colors Traffic Safety Enterprise was established in 1999 and specialized in manufacturing traffic safety materials and control items ranging from signs to barricades and speed bumps to safety apparel. Now we are one of the biggest manufacturers of traffic safety products of Taiwan. We provide to professional service and quality.
We are doing the best in supplying reliable traffic safety products that are most fit for construction and development projects of the world.
We are one of the largest manufacturers with professional experiences in this field. We will be your strongest supporter in the nearest future.
We truly welcome customers to become our general agents in any continentals, and also provide OEM when customers needed.


警示灯, 道安设备, 钢管围篱, 安全围篱, 工程告示牌, 标志标语, 个人护具, 停车设施, 测量仪器, 小型回转式警示灯, 中型回转式警示灯, 大型回转式警示灯, LED显示版, 130 PP/PU反光导标, 131 PP/PU反光导标, 140 PU反光导标, 140B PU反光导标, 141 PU反光导标, 150 PU反光导标, 160 PP反光导标, 118 PP反光导标, 119 PP反光导标, L08 L型底座光导标, L10 L型底座光导标, L10B L型底座光导标, U10-I 型铝合金底座-单面反光导标, U10-I 型铝合金底座-单面反光导标, U151 型铝合金反光导标, 550 平底反光标记-双反光片, 551 平底反光标记-双反光片, 650-I 圆角平底反光标记-单反光片, 650-II 圆角平底反光标记-双反光片, 560 平面型铝合金反光标记, 570   马蹄式铝合金反光标记, 571 马蹄式铝合金反光标记, 762 平面型铝合金反光标记, 763 平面型铝合金反光标记, 553 减速垫, 555 减速垫, T650 太阳能标准型反光标记, T570 太阳能马蹄型反光标记, T151 太阳能反光导标, 柱角防撞条, 卸货防撞条, 车轮挡, 儿童安全防护条, 儿童安全防护圆管, 儿童安全防转角头, 儿童安全防护桌脚, 儿童安全防护桌条

公司名称: 星彩实业有限公司