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ITWEBA, a subsidiary of Illinois Tool Works (ITW), manufactures and sell various electronic components. The company was founded in year 1970 at Kaohsiung Export Processing Zone, Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Main product lines are ITW Switches、ITW ActiveTouch、ITW Erg components switches、ITW Fastex plastic injection parts for electronic applications、ITW Deplpro. Coordination of corporation’s resources with skill and ingenuity of our engineers provides customers with ITW advantage.

ITW is a $14.1 billion in revenues diversified manufacturer of highly engineered components and industrial systems and consumables. The company consists of approximately 750 business units in 49 countries and employs about 55,000 people.


按钮开关, 拨码开关, 微动开关, 扣具, 连结件, 开关, 触摸开关

公司名称: 安天德百电股份有限公司