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ARRIES STEEL MOULD. CO., LTD, plastic mould, plastic injection mould, mould maker, mould manufacturer exporter in Taiwan, started to manufacture the plastic injection mould in 1987,with increasing experience along with the accumulated techniques. ARRIES has specialized in designing and manufacturing all types of huge plastic injection mould especially for the crates ,bins and auto parts ,etc.
continued to grow and focused on the development of superior performance and competitive price’s mold that incorporate the advanced design concept.With world class CAITA CAD/CAM system and high speed CNC machining center ,can achieve the standard more than customer’s requirement.
Nowadays in addition to rich experience ,precise techniques and good processing equipment,ARRIES has trust-worthy engineers and designers and responsible service engineers. Beyond doubt ,ARRIES can always provide you with high ━quality mould as well as the best world-wide service.You affirmation is our target.


塑胶模具, 塑胶射出模, 汽车模具, 家具模具, 塑胶模, 钢模, 模具

公司名称: 万样钢模有限公司