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LEDFOCUS INTERNATIONAL CO.,LIMITED( LEDFOCUS) specializes in the research, development and manufacture of quality-constructed LED LIGHTING, LED lighting strip and spotlights. To date, our production line is broad, and our distribution network is on every continent and over 20 countries worldwide.
LEDFOCUS continues its investment in the research and development of all types of LED LIGHTING to meet the entire range of consumer needs. All utilizing modern technology in their manufacturing processes - to meet worldwide demand for low cost, quality construction LED LIGHTS.
Each and every one of our products is checked carefully by our QC department and under the standard ISO9001-2000 & RoHS-compliant .
Your OEM/ODM orders are welcome, Contact us today for more information.


发光二极体, LED灯条, 投光灯/探照

公司名称: 香港启明光电国际有限公司