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HONGKONG BESTS INTERNATIONAL ECOLOGICAL LIGHTING is located in Guangdong province Gaoyao city Jinli town. Which is honored for Chinese hardware country in Chinese high economic developed pearl river delta district. BESTS owns abundant technological power, strong procreative strength. Can get rich of the stale and bring forth the fresh with shotcut and amazingly speed.
BESTS tries its best to make the products refinement, standardization on manufacturing engineering, The products had passed several domestics and overseas authoritative certifications, such as CCC CQC CE etc. BESTS is a manufacture, distribution and serving together large-scale lighting corporation which professional produce guide rail, downlights, spotlights, quartz gallbladder lights, ceiling lights, electrical transformer, energy saving, halogen, metal halide, grille lights, T4、T5 bracket,under cabinet lights and so on. BESTS can adapt the market requirement for products renovation, design and manufacture the products following the cilent' s requirement. For cooperate to the city planning beautification engineering, BESTS looks on pursuing innovation and reality, quality is paramountcy level as its tenet, endlessly absorbs domestic and overseas lighting industry excellent competent persons and advanced technology and new arts and crafts, by several years baptism and untiring efforts, BESTS earns huge success under the incandesce lighting industry competition. All over the worldwide sell meshwork, is the best coorperative friends which can providing lighting system scheme. BESTS depends on advanced marketing tactics, manage technology and management flexibly, constructs omniberaing multiple points of view' s marketing serving system, bears the clients and customers choiceness quality and substantial price, internationalization development.


LED, Transformer, Energy Saving Lamp