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Having "Make the World Brighter" as our motto, Lanke, founded in 1994, has been growing in the field of manufacturing and sales of LED lamp (Light Emitting Diode) and LED applied products for 10 years. With approximately 650 employees, our monthly capacity has exceeded 70 million and manufacturing, R&D, sales and support capabilities present our clients flexibility they need in today 's competitive environment. About one-fourth of Lanke' s revenue was generated from outside China in fiscal 2004 and the number is increasing this year. Lanke' s vertical integration throughout the manufacturing process from R&D to device packaging and testing, allows total control over all aspects of the production process. Lanke has passed the ISO9001 Quality Certificating System authorized by SGS and strictly conducting ROHS standard in the operational process. An increasing number of countries and regions are implementing luminescent ideas by using innovative illumination technology to enhance "Green Environment", resource programming, security and life standards. We believe that LED lamps will become one of the most crucial approaches in the illumination industry in the near future. In the process of the challenging pursuit of brighter luminescence and light-emitting materials, Lanke is dedicating to developing the super high brightness White LED and have been accepted with great amazement in related industries. This will definitely play a key role in the further expansion of the illumination industry with creative and cost-effective lighting solutions.


LED射灯, LED球泡, 发光二级管

公司名称: 深圳市蓝科电子有限公司