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Despite being a relative newcomer to the industry, New Force has gathered together a group of talented professionals who have made impressive strides in the industry. Its product R&D. innovation, quality and earnest customer service are now second to none in the industry.Safety and rider protection were the top design requirements for New Force ATV model. Ergonomically designed for rider comfort, its ATV offers eye-catching styling at a reasonable price. This is the reason consumers continue to choose New Force Motor over other companies and why its ATV model has been enthusiastically received by European and American buyers.The 250 cc ATV launched at the Milan show last year (2005) was an instant hit which shows our professional R&D and manufacturing and successfully integration of resources had delivered competitive advantage.New Force emphasizes quality and places the customer first. Their products are designed to be highly durable and have low defect rates and long warranty periods. By humanizing the entire design system, New Force has scored high marks with its customers.



公司名称: 昇钰均车业科技股份有限公司