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Eagle Power International Holdings (HK) Limited is a multinational
stock-holding cooperation. It has invested three companies in PRC,
including Shenzhen Senba Optical Electronic Co., Ltd., Nanyang Senba
Optical Electronic Co., Ltd. and Shanghai PIR Co., Ltd.
The factory was set up in NanYang,mainland China in 1997,occupies a
land of 260,000square meters, with over 1000 employees and 30
technical personnel.Supervised by ISO9001 Quality Control Certificate,the factory win the product quality by a perfect management system.
The group are specialized in manufacturing and exporting types of
photoelectric components: Photo Sensor (CdS Photoresistor), Linear
Light Sensor (Photoresistor for RoHS), Analog Optoisolator, Pyroelectric Infrared Radial Sensor(PIR Sensor),and full series of
For Cds Photoresistor, we are the biggest supplier in the world; 
For Pyroelectric Infrared Radial Sensor , and Analog Optoisolator,
We are the unique producer here; 
For LED and other products, We have advanced machines and a strong
We can promise our service with High quality products, Prompt delivery and Technical support to meet our costumer's requirement.



公司名称: 深圳市森霸光电有限公司