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Johnson Chemical Products Co., Ltd. have been established since 1972 and become the leading factory of molding polyurethane rubbers in Taiwan now. At present our products are exported all over the world with good reputation because our qualities.

All of our products that we mold in our factory are:

By Casting Molding: rod spring, hollow rod spring, sheet block roller apron, solid tire,Loading wheel, washer and big U-cap seal; rod for cutting U-cup seal and squeeze.

By Injection Molding: hydraulic U-packing, dust seal, gasket, bush, ball joint, driving belt, Padding, cushion, coupling, stopper, small wheel and roller, etc.

By Extrusion Molding: pneumatic air tubing, dental multi-tubing, cold weather oil tubing,Gasoline tubing, drinking water tubing(NSF, FDA), round belting and custom made profile blade, etc.

We prepare all kind hardness and supply all the colors for your selection. Also for special Requirement, we can cast from economic PPG/TDI to higher performance TDI / MOCA And MDI / HQEE polyurethane for your heat resistance add UV stabilizer or anti micro Biotic or anti static ESD or flame retardant.


聚胺酯, PU 押出类, PU油封类, PU素材类


外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商
公司名称: 久盛工业股份有限公司