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A Professional Precision Stamping manufacturer with excellent experiences in progressive die design and development, especially in Tubing & Deep-Drawn advantages.
Mean Jaan is one of the solution providers of precision stamping parts to automotive, electronics, computers and communications.
With over 20 years experience in the precision stamping parts industry,Mean Jaan not only has been the qualified contract manufacturer, but also is a technical manufacturing company supplying various of precision metal parts with quality engineered components and assemblies,fulfilling our customer's needs of Quality, Flexibility and Cost-Effectiveness .
ISO 9001:2000 Certificated
TS 16949 is applying.


汽车零件, 汽车踏板端子, 弹性夹, 紧固件, U型夹, 深抽/引伸, 管状/卷圆, 无屑攻牙, 模内攻牙, 精密冲压件, 五金零件, 冲压制造, 模具开发制造

公司名称: 名展企业股份有限公司