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The group founded in 1971 affiliated company, JOHNWAYNE INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. was established in Taiwan in 1983. It specializes in supplying a comprehensive range of Auto/Motorcycle parts and, coordinating between customers and suppliers.

Under the guiding principles of "trustworthiness, mutual-assistance, and appreciation," Johnwayne has been dedicated to providing highly professional and flexible services to meet the different needs of customers worldwide. Our professional data center can efficiently handle a wide variety of products supplied by its suppliers for OEM and aftermarket customers, from small items such as fasteners to large parts such as different body parts. We aim to deliver the highest cost/performance value to customers in more than 80 countries. With the help of our professional sales team fluent in English, French, Spanish and other languages, as well as product inspection centers to assure product quality and on-time delivery.

Johnwayne has established long-term and stable relationships with global buyers based on trustworthy services. We look forward to being your trusted
partners in the parts business.


汽机车零件, 车辆配件, 机车配件, 引擎零件, 排气系统, 刹车系统, 车身系统, 轮圈配件, 车镜, 车灯, 其他外装配件, 排挡杆, 刹车来令片, 方向灯, 油封, 点烟器, 排气系统零件, 传动系统零件, 滤蕊, 化油器, 引擎电系零件, 警示灯, 电动辅助车辆, 煞车零件, 电装品, 其它零件


公司名称: 常稳企业股份有限公司
地址: 105 台北市八德路四段123号4楼之2
电话: 886-2-2747-9666 (10 lines)
传真: 886-2-2747-3666
网址: www.johnwayne.com.tw