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KELVIN GOLRMANI is a line of products and name and marketed by Arredamenti Compay Limited. The company waw founded in 1999 in Hong Kong by Mr. Kelvin Ng and Ms. Jane Tong, which started off as a manufacturer, exporter and retailer of slfas. The first sofa-specialty retail shop which began to operate in Hong Kong in 1999 was under the brand name of GLORMANI Living room Furniture Store. The concept of tailor-making every sofa for every customer also startedd at the very beginning when the company was founded.
Producing and Designing for Well-known European Sofa Manufactureds
In 2003, Arredamenti Company Limited began to produce top quality genuine leather sofas for leading Genman sofa manufacturer, Weco Polstermobel GmbH+Co. KG. In 2004, Arredamenti continued to establish similar kind of partnership with a high-end ltalian sofa manufactured, Cierre Imbottiti s.r.l. From 2006, both European partners even started to include some of Arredamenti' s in-house sofa designs in their lines of sofa products for the European market.
Arredamenti' s Sofa Went Global with the In-house Brand
In the beginning of 2006, Arredamenti began to promote the GIORMANI brand and the line of luxury genuine leather sofas globally and to establish local dealership in different countries. In March 2007. Arredamenti introduced a new line of sofas, Black Label, under the GIORMANI brand, which was more upscale and luxunous than the product lines being sold in the GIORMANI retail shops in Hong Kong.
Launching of KELVIN GIORMANI Brand
Starting frong January 2008, in order to more clearly distinguish the GIORMANI Hong Kong product lines and the GLORMANI Black Label line of sofas, Arredamenti launched the new brand of KELVIN GIORMANI as a successor to GIORMANI Black Label during the IMM Cologne International Furniture Fair with our European partner. With the prefix, KELVIN, which is the name of Arredamenti Company' s owner and designer, the new brand is believed to be more easily accepted by existing worldwide dealers and the general furniture market.


Sofa, Chair&Lounges, Table&Ottomans, Recliners

公司名称: 欧达家具有限公司