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CHIPS foundry was founded in 1982. Our foundry is a leading supplier of ferrous and non-ferrous castings in Taiwan. Sales in 2001 were more than $5 million.
Our expertise is not limited to any specific industry. We have served virtually every market that requires metal parts. Here are a few of the markets we serve " Automotive, Machine Tool, Material Handling, Computer, Food Processing, Aerospace and Military Industries."
If you are looking for superior quality precision parts that are priced effectively, you have come to the best place. We are a detail-oriented company that really cares about its products. We feel that with our wealth of experience, a long-term commitment to our customers and our dedication to outstanding service, you will find us an excellent partner in expanding your product line.


包模铸件, 脱蜡铸件, 铸件, 金属零件, 电脑零件, 武器组件, 汽车零件, 机车零件, 缝纫机零件, 阀类零件, 空气压缩机零件, 纺织机零件, 五金零件, 模具, 铸造品, 纺织机械零件, 阀类及配件, 缝纫机, 锻造品, 锻件及冲压件

公司名称: 镁达国际有限公司