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Jet One is specialized in sourcing, procurement, disposition and distribution of CPU (Intel, AMD, Nvidia), chipset, memory (Samsung, Hynix, SST) , modules, flash, LCD panel and electronic components for personal & industrial computer (PC&IPC) products.
Jet One has established global HQ in Taoyuan, Taiwan since 2002 to launch the service on the international market. As a result of rapid growth, in 2005, Jet One opens an office in Massachusetts, USA . In 2008, Jet One opens another office in Shanghai, China. To provide our customers with best service and support, we have distribution centers located both in Taiwan & Hong Kong. Our service is throughout the world & the core areas include China, North America, Europe, Asia and East Asia.


中央处理机, 电脑零组件, 静态随机存取记忆体, 晶片组, 快闪记忆体, 唯读光碟机, 数位光碟机, 软式磁碟机, 嵌入式电脑, 固态硬碟, POS配件, 液晶显示器

公司名称: 捷毅国际股份有限公司