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The beginning:
As a car repair and maintenance starting from 1950, that's how we started.
In 1974, Tu-hsing Auto Electrical goods Co., Ltd. was founded, producing solenoid switches of starter motor for the domestic market. Due to the good quality products, stabile production and the most important factor ━ favorable price, our products were soon accepted by the overseas users with the brand name “Chiang Bin”.

CAR MATE established
In 2007, for providing better services and favorable prices, Chiang Bin was re-organized and the new company - CAR MATE Auto E-goods Maker Co., Ltd. been established by Mr. B. John Hsu by then. During a short time the new brand name “CAR MATE” won the reputation in this field since it has been established. The customers include local trading companies and domestic makers. Nowadays more and more overseas customers are sourcing from us. We have customers whose from the Middle East Asia, South East Asia, Japan, Korea, China, Europe, Canada, America, Australia and Latin America. There are over five hundreds items in the range of Solenoids Switch, including many of customer’s own designs.

Product ━ Starter solenoid switch
For over 30 years, we have been working on researching and developing more different kinds of fields of starter solenoid switches. Nowadays, we could produce and supply over 500 different solenoid switches for all kinds and brands of starters for diesel and gasoline engines used in cars, trucks, vessels, heavy-duty machines, construction machineries and rockets.

Winning Policy ━ Professional, Small volume and Large-variety production
The CAR MATE Auto E-goods Maker Co., Ltd. has obtained the ISO-9001 certification since 2009, herewith the quality of products and production management can be ensured. Therefore, we are confident that we can take any challenge from customers, no matter the small-volume, large-variety production or customers recognitions etc.

Self-development "plays a key role in the aftermarket solenoid switch industry. If you are in this line, you will know that the only way you can carry out self-development is not only with computer systems or blueprint-drawing machines, but also with a comprehensive combination of abundant experience, cost evaluation, strong support from satellite plants, and a group of talented experts who want to grow with the company."


起动电磁阀, 电磁开关


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