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We simply offer the TOOL you can TRUST.

Based on 15 years' exporting experience and solid support from numbers of professional manufacturers, TRC (Tooltrust Resourcing Corp.) is a leading trading company in Taiwan.
It's not our priority to focus on fancy photo but only on competitive price and reliable quality.

The major products categories we're specialized in are:
* Auto Tools
* Electronics Tools
* Hand Tools

The features and benefits we have are:
* One-Stop convenience for various demands.
* Min order quantity allowed for mixed shipment.
* We can provide both high quality and profit to customers.
* Complete service from inquiry to delivery.

We've been as an easy window in Taiwan for our world-wide customers, we co-operate with them based on small separate order but multiple mixed shipment (or container).
Meanwhile, we carry out our duty to take care all procedures (sourcing, negotiation, purchasing, inspection & consolidation) which may save customers lots of time and cost.
Moreover, we always satisfy them with our prompt updated info and courteous service.
To built a win-win relationship, we're ready for your command now.


热熔胶枪, 螺丝起子, 多功能工具, 套筒, 套筒附件, 钢丝钳, 对角剪钳, 弯头钳, 剥线钳, 压著工具, 自黏胶带, 棘轮套筒扳手, 冲击扳钳, 气动套筒, 气动喷枪, 扭力扳手, 机油滤清器链扳钳, 冲击起子, 空气压缩机, 拉伸/包装工具, 工具箱, 洒水器, 电动绞车, 耐热胶带


外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 贸易公司
公司名称: 耘信贸易实业社