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THE FOUND’S GROUP INC. /GLOBAL TECH OEM INC. was founded in 1987 as an exporter of industrial components for OEM’s. Since 2000, we also have had two offices/branches launched in China in order to tremendously satisfy our customer’s desires for the products by applying rigorous quality control and inspection during manufacturing and ensure the shipment on schedule by setting up production and shipment time-line. We are capable of sourcing not only mechanical and electrical parts and complete assemblies ready for shipment but also OEM components or assemblies developed through our strategic planning upon our customer’s demands.


齿轮与连轴器, 导管与轴承, 煞车器, 车用刷及螺栓, 点火器, 铰链/连杆, 小便斗和水龙头, 手把, 脚轮, 轮类, 冰箱网架, 马桶/马桶刷

公司名称: 方浩实业有限公司