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Founded in 2002, March, HSIN MAO PLASTICS CO., LTD. is a startup established by a group of earnest people who love the earth. Our product lines fall on automobile & bicycle accessories.

The car accessories include triangle breakdown signal, reflector, snow brush, car brush, waterproof and dust-free covers. For bike accessories, it contains front red reflector, rear whit reflector. wheel reflector and mirror reflector.

Recently, we have cooperated with metal furniture company to develop rainbow cart applicable for personal,family and company. in the furture, we commit to relentless improvement and contribute as much to the earth.


塑胶零件, 警示灯, 其他设备, 塑胶抽屉盒, 三角警示标志

公司名称: 欣懋塑胶股份有限公司