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As nowadays we are in the high-tech environment, Taipei Pack, with its concepts of constant break-through and innovation, has dedicated itself to R&D of high-tech packaging materials to meet the updated market demands. Taipei Pack Packaging Materials have been certified by Japan SONY Green Partner [SDT-7636], and widely applied in various high-tech electronic products such as wafer and IC. Looking to the future, Taipei Pack will constantly pursue a higher level of high-tech packaging based on the existing outstanding technological background.


充气包装, 酱包装, 成型包装, 易开膜, 粉末包装, 保丽纸, 高温杀菌袋, 密封包, 瓶盖铝箔, 真空包装袋, 铝箔防潮袋, 防静电产品, 抗静电金属袋, 双电镀防潮袋, 麦拉铝箔带, 耐燃PVC屏隔铝带, 耐热布, 塑胶膜, 复合胶膜纸, 特殊胶膜纸, 面膜铝箔袋, P.T.P. 铝箔纸, 各式应用于食品, 电子, 工业, 生技医疗之包装材料设计, 开发, 制造及包装技术服务

公司名称: 层层包装事业股份有限公司