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For over 20 years, E-Ya International Ltd., as one of the leading manufacturers, has been engaged in production and development of oil extractors since its inception in 1988 in Taichung, central Taiwan. The material, the parts, the end products have been sourced and made only in Taiwan.

The company, backed by long experience, runs out a number of high-profile oil extractors, carrying different container capacity of 2.5-liter, 6-liter. 10-liter. With patent pressure released valves built-in and detachable vacuum pumps, the oil extractors from E-Ya are functional and easy use for boats, lawn mowers, vehicles, motors, cars and power generators.

Riding on its development skill and working experience, the company has expanded to wide product range for capacity of 15-liter which is very limited edition in the market plae. The patent design for friendly easy use function and good quality have been well received in the global market under the owned brand A-Plus TW .


换油机, 抽油机, 抽油器, 抽油泵, 车用抽油器, 船舶用抽油器

公司名称: 颐亚科技有限公司