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CHAIN is a leading B2B automotive repair tools manufacturer and export company in Asia. We specialize in OEM and customized auto tools and supply customers in the auto wholesale and retailer industry.

Founded in 1973 in Taichung, Taiwan, we have recently celebrated 36 years in the automotive hand tools supplier trade. From the beginning, CHAIN has dedicated itself to quality services matched with competitive pricing. Today, that winning combination is coupled with unparalleled experience in product/manufacturer sourcing, custom product development, research and development, an extensive tool catalog, and spotting potential problems before they hit your bottom line!

At CHAIN we are committed to supplying you with OEM solutions to your automotive tools requirements adhering to our strictest quality control criteria. We are now ISO Certified (ISO 9001:2000) for the 'Quality Management System' of our auto repair tools and hand tools. Learn more about our Quality Control.


Marine Tools, Auto Tools, Tools for Truck, Tools for Motorcycle

公司名称: 联锁企业股份有限公司