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Dahshin Knife Product Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Is a professional manufacturer of outdoor hardware products, including a variety of knives.
Dshshin knives represent a totally new concept in functional outdoor cutting tools, shaped and balanced to fit customers special requirements. The sharp blades are crafted from stainless steel in hardness ranging from Rockwell C50 up to C55 degrees.
At present, the company’s major product lines are Samurai sword, ninja sword, tantos, marine sword, sword canes, hunting bowie knife, book knife, diving knife, throwing, sword display stand, folding knife, defensive elastic stick, handcuff, etc.
Headquartered in Taichung, central Taiwan, Dahshin is capable of rolling out state-of-the-art knives at competitive prices.
All the company’s products boast practical use and can serve as decorations. The company also rolls out specific items on the OEM/ODM (original equipment /design manufacturer) basis.


武士刀, 西洋剑潜水刀, 革斗刀, 飞镖刀, 猎刀

公司名称: 大新制刀股份有限公司