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NEWTOOLS.COM is dedicated to providing customers with innovative tools that live up to the HI-FIVE label: Hi-Value, Hi-Revolution, Hi-Quality, Hi-Image, and Hi-Efficiency. These five qualities bring greater working speed and efficiency to end users around the world.

The founder of HI-FIVE PRODUCTS DEVELOPING CO., Bobby Hu, has brought to bear more than 20 years experience in the R & D and engineering of hand tools. As the world's original designer of the Gear Wrench, Bobby has assembled a pioneering R & D team, backed by a world-class engineering department. The expertise of the R & D team includes product conceptualization, computerized design, patent application and mockup samples, and extends to the design of specialized machinery, precision parts, and packaging, through to the production process. Hi-Five's strict quality control system ensures that all products exceed the most stringent international standards for quality and safety. Hi-Five is the original designer of all the company's products, and has a fundamental and comprehensive understanding of hand tools and their manufacturing. The understanding of the Hows and Whys of design and manufacturing allows Hi-Five to answer your questions, and meet your demands, anytime



公司名称: 星联锋股份有限公司