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We are a manufacturer specializing in all kinds of auto lamps.Since established in 1988 we have 289 employees. Annual output is over 90000000pcs at the present, meanchile; our products improves by quality certification with ISO-9001 and E-MARK.
We have devotes a lot of attention to techcical innovations and the improvement and relpacement of equiment. Last but not the least, we also pay more attention to teain our managerial personnel, technicials and workers in a plenned way. "BRIGHT" and "KAIYUA" bulbs are being used by many car and truck factories in my country. In addition, most of the exported to all over the world such as Japan, Korea, Europe matket, Sorth American etc. OurOBjective is to supply one step products and best service for our customers, so we are you will have a ready market with our well cooperation in future.


Car Equipments, Auto-Parts, Halogen Bulbs, Halogen Lamps, Home Bulbs, Car Bulbs, Lamps, Bulbs, Auto Parts, Car Lamps, MR/16, MR/11

公司名称: 常州市光明灯泡厂