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A company established in 1997 in Taiwan, we specialize in the making and trading of automobile forging parts. We accept forging production of any specification, general or special, to satisfy all customers' needs. In the future we will persist in providing our customers with "Perfect Quality Based on Reliable and Precise Technology".


方向机横拉杆和尚头, 三角架和尚头或球形接头, 方向机横拉杆惰杆, 中央击杆, 摇臂, 华特门臂, 转向摇臂, 上臂轴, 齿条与小齿轮连杆, 内部轴, 侧拉杆, 下臂轴, 转向系统, 悬吊系统, 底盘系统

公司名称: 昕煌锻造工业有限公司