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Company history:

1.The Company was founded in October1980 at the original site on Ling Yun Road, Wuku Shian. The founder is Mr. Hsu Tian-Kuei. The initial capital investment was one million NT dollars, and the Company started with only 4 employees. The first business the Company engaged itself in was producing OEM auto and motorcycle spare parts in directly sold in Europe, the United States and Southeast Asia. Our first year total sales reached nine million NT dollars.

2.In June 1986, the Company set up a development department and moved its factory to a parcel of land on Fen Lao Road, Linkuo Shian. The first engagement undertaken by the newly relocated Company was exclusively focusing on innovative windshield wiper development, manufacture, and marketing. The Company had 10 employees then and the annual sales had grown to thirteen million NT dollars

3.In October 1999, the Company factory site was not big enough to cope with the expansion the Company desperately needed at the time. Therefore, the Company relocated again to the current address: 68-1 Fen Lao Road, LinKou Shian. This time the factory acquired a total site area of 230 pin, 7 brand new sets of machinery equipment, one assembly line, and 16 employees. In addition to the original European, U.S and Canada markets, the Company launched its greatly diversified products into Japan. The annual sales of the Company reached thirty million NT dollars..


雨刷, 雨刷臂

公司名称: 元略有限公司