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DRAGON IRON was established in 1973, by Mr. Rontai Hsieh. In the early beginning, we specialized in producing carriage bolts and fasteners for auto and bike industries. Now, in addition to carriage bolts, hex screws and special parts, Draon Iron is actively involved in a variety of products, exported to the worldwide such as America, Europe, Africa, Mid East, Australia and Asia. By the expansion of our business, we have 2 associate companies. They are Atali (Taiwan) and Lockey (Dongguang, China). All of them act as our extended arms for outsourcing and customer care. In addition, we also established our own wire drawing factory in these few days in order to provide customers competitive offer & take care the quality of wire material. To provide you the total quality assurance and endorse the best service, we have implemented ISO quality assurance system since 1996, and accredited by TUV in 1997. We make every endeavor to satisfy your needs with 4-decades of expertise in fastener field.


螺丝, 壁虎, 螺栓, 铆钉, 鑚尾螺丝, 不锈钢螺丝, 六角头螺丝, 屋顶螺丝, 特殊紧固件, 攻丝螺钉, 自鑚螺丝, 攻牙螺丝

公司名称: 龙昌螺丝工厂股份有限公司