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The primary product line of CharDIN are LED RCL and truck lights. We have professional R&D team and the most advanced facilities which allows us to design and produce the best quality and cost effectively products for customers.

To drive the migartion form incandescent light sources into LED light source, we seek to cooperate with Lumileds Lighting Company, the acknowledged leader in hight power LED's. LED light sources offer significant improvements in
life cycles, energy savings and diverse design feature capability.

The operational concepts of our company are
Proyding our products and services using our highly trained professional staff.
Creating the hightest quality products with the most reasonable cost availabe for our customers' needs.


头灯, 尾灯, 方向灯, 第三刹车灯, 灯泡, LED灯泡

公司名称: 丽清科技股份有限公司