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Established in 1976, as one of building tool supplier for many years, Ken Test always growth step by step in create new products, modified items and improving service to meet customer's strict requirements. That is why we get a very good reputation in this business field.Ken Test is not only a product supplier but also a product creator and innovator, because we search, test and find how tools could be used easily and perfect performance in jobs. We are willing to share our knowledge with our customers to help both of us get a bright, steady growth and profitable future in the cooperation.We welcome worldwide traders, agents, importers and distributors.Ken Test Products:-Tile Tools-Concrete Tools-Drywall Tools-Masonry Tools-Safety Products-OEM / ODM


辨公家具, 图书家具, 展示柜, 手工具, 磁性手工具, 切割器, 螺丝起子, 扳手, 维修工具, 精密角尺, 脚踏椅, 瓷砖切割器, 手锯, 弓锯/弓锯条, 碳化钨尖锯片, 一般裁切工具, 油漆刷, 油漆刮刀, 油漆喷枪, 油漆工具NES, 泥水工具, 胶枪, 检测工具, 建筑用镘刀, 磁性工具, 护面罩/工作用防护面具, 安全玻璃镜片/护目镜, 工作手套, 工具包(工具袋/篮/箱/桶/小袋), 工作人员用膝垫, 踏脚凳, 工具, 千斤顶, 测试仪表, 维修设备, 制造设备

公司名称: 永和益商行