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Fimex Taiwan Ltd. has been engaging in the export of lighting solution as well as household electrical materials since 1986. Our activities are worldwide in more than 40 countries.

In green illumination field, we provide LED solution (high power bulbs & dip and SMD bulbs) as well as CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamps). Furthermore, we also serve tungsten halogen lamps and incandescent lamps.

As a leading exporter of professional lighting lamps, Fimex is in possession of sufficient experience and advanced knowledge, therefore, we are confident that we are able to meet what you require. Meanwhile our products are priced at a very reasonable level with nice quality that enables our customers to keep ahead of competition.

We sincerely look forward to having an opportunity to serve you and become your partner in the near future.


开关, 防水盒及面板, 调光器, 万用多孔杆, 杆头, 杆座, 瓷灯头, 胶木竹头, 门铃, 紧急照明灯, 小夜灯, 胶木灯头, 铜, 铁, 铝灯头, 照明设备, 灯具, 安全系统器材, 插头, 插座及其他, 整流器/调整器, LED灯泡, 省电灯泡, 节能灯泡, 卤素灯泡, 白炽灯泡


员工数: 14
公司成立年: 1986
年营收 (美金): US$3,500,000
外销比例: 100%
外销市场: 全球
资本额 (美金): 333,000
公司类型: 出口商
公司名称: 台湾联意贸易有限公司
联络人: 周广生 (总经理)