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VERTEX, established in August 2005, is a manufacturing company formed by a group of quality control and manufacturing technical specialists. With precision computerized CNC lathe, automatic lathe, and table lathe, we are capable of producing variety of automotive parts, machine parts, and highly precision fasteners.
With high technical skills, excellent quality, low cost, and on time delivery as our core (center) values, we wish to become the leading source, supplier of high precision fasteners for our customers. In quality control aspect, a QC department was set up right from the beginning of our operation with mandatory technical training being offered to all our employees periodically, in order to establish a superior “built-in quality” manufacturing system (or production line).
We believe employee’s high level of working satisfaction is a big factor of the quality stability of our system. Therefore, we strongly value the quality of environment and atmosphere that our employees spend their time in, both at work and leisure. VERTEX wants to create a BIG FAMILY feel at work place.


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公司名称: 纬紘精密工业股份有限公司
地址: 820 高雄市冈山区嘉兴路36号
电话: 886-7-6225852
传真: 886-7-6218311
网址: www.vertexprecision.com.tw