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R. R. Rubber Technology Co., Ltd. is a young company founded by a group of professionals in the auto parts industry with more than 30 years of experiences. The management team utilizes its leader-of-the-pack experiences and know-how in automotive rubber-metal parts to design, develop, and manufacture different kinds of quality spare parts for global customers.

The company now supplies various kinds of rubber-metal parts, including control-arm bushings, engine mounts and others, all featuring high quality and long durability.
R. R. Rubber claims that its key know-how in the rubber-metal parts manufacturing can effectively improve and upgrade the original equipment manufacturing (OEM) items. Further to that, the company has been aggressively developing newer and better fillings in various kinds of bushings so as to achieve better suspension and vibration-control effect.

The rubber-parts maker also stresses that its disposition processes of pre-vulcanization metal parts fully follow the RoHS requirements. In addition, the company’s rubber injection molding machines are the latest models subject to strict quality control during production. R. R.



公司名称: 嘉鑫橡胶科技股份有限公司