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In 1990, Lih Kuoh was established and we specialize in manufacturing embroidery products.

We provide fast sampling production and short lead-time within 7 days to produce custom design embroidery patches.
Combining the professional personnel of different industries with the experienced management of the original business operation, we offer our customers a more extensive service.

For over 20 years, Lih Kuoh has been privileged and manufacturing for more than 800,000 styles of embroidered patches, emblems, epaulettes, chenilles, lanyards, banners, metal badges, medals, coins, woven labels,
and other promotional products.

Based on speciality facility in manufacturing and exporting, we are your best partner to expand more business together


刺绣制品, 刺绣杯垫, 刺绣钥匙圈, 刺绣旗帜, 证章, 刺绣饰品, 吊索/吊带/织带, 小饰物烫绣, 贴布绣, 成衣刺绣, 植绒, 环保立体发泡图案转印, 旅行吊牌, 机车服装及配件, 新奇品, 小赠品


员工数: 40
公司成立年: 1990
外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商, 出口商
公司名称: 立阔企业股份有限公司
联络人: 刘金贤 (董事长)
郑慧慈 (秘书)