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Extruded and Foamed Plastic Decorative Strips

Custom designed for home interiors and appliances.
Our factories in Taiwan and mainland China both use high-precision
German-made extrusion-line equipment forPVC, ABS, PE, PS, PP,
PC, etc. With over 25 years of experience in this field, we accept
customer designs for home interiors and appliances:
* Edge sealing strips for furniture products, kitchen ware, and office appliances.
*Gold, silver, and wood grain decorativs strips for picture frames and lighting fixtures.
* Round bars and transparent tubes of different materials.
* Foamed PVC/PS for p


装饰条, 马桶座/盖, 边缘饰条, 金属饰叶, 封边条, 金边饰条, 装潢建材, 异型押出饰条

公司名称: 奕龙兴业有限公司