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Alpha Plus Electronic Co., Ltd. is a privately held company with expertise engineering and manufacturing center in Taiwan, R.O.C. It was founded in 1986 as stamping workshop and began producing and marketing PC switching power supply. With continuous devotion to the innovation and development, we has built its own brand image since and become one of the major manufactures of Switching Power Supplies in the world market. In 1995, we had started producing various kinds of Uninterruptible Switching Power Supplies ( USPS, Switching Power Supply built in UPS function ) to meet with new growing demands of world-wide customers and in 1997 it has started manufacturing AT model and ATX model USPS with a unique features and high quality for customer satisfactions. In 2002, Alpha Plus and Zone Technology work together to develop more " Internal type UPS " for marketing to meet new generation products!
Capital: US$ 225,000.-
Products: Switching Power Supply (SPS)
Uninterruptible Switching Power Supply (USPS)
Employees: 15 ~ 25
Sales Channel: Distributor, System House, VAR, dealer and OEM / ODM basis.
Strength: 15 years of experienced professional manufacture with expertise in switching power supply.


交换式电源供应器, USPS内建式不断电电源供应器, IUPS内接式不断电电源供应器

公司名称: 恒扬电子有限公司