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We offer you the scope of business:
1.HID Work Light
2. HID sets and parts transaction such as ballast, booster, bulb, etc.
3. Machinery & parts sale
4. Furniture of home and office sale

About us:
We are Liveshiner Enterprise Co., Ltd.﹙LSEC﹚. LSEC businesses cover the machinery & parts, the furniture for house and office, international trade, as well as the HID-LED sets, and parts.

Our company has been devoting all possible means to provide customers and vendors with qualified products and satisfied services level. We have also envisioned on building up long term partnerships and relations with valuable members within our business supply chain.

Contact us:
Product Manager
James Hsu
Cell Phone: 886-912-533287
E-mail: james.kmhsu@gmail.com

Marketing Manager
KZ Hsu
Cell Phone: 886-932-394517
E-mail: johnkzhsu@hotmail.com


CNC车床, CNC铣床, CNC雕刻机, HID灯, LED灯, 加工机, 综合切削中心机, 机械零组件, 机械五金, HID灯管, HID安定器, 工作灯, 机械用灯, 庭园用灯, 工业用灯, 工程用灯, 龙门式综合加工机


生产模式: OEM 委托代工 , ODM 设计加工, OBM 自有品牌, EMS 电子专业制造服务
外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商, 进口商, 设计及研发服务, 出口商
公司名称: 惟盛机电股份有限公司