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Founded in 1980 in central Taiwan’s Taichung City, Hao Chien Plastic Co., Ltd. has focused on quality and service since its beginning as a specialized manufacturer
of a variety of canvas products. To meet the needs of its customers, Hao Chien strives for innovation and constantly works out new products to diversify its product line.

Hao Chien has developed a wide range of products including knitting nettings, rib knitting nettings, woven nettings, ground covers, truck cargo nets, shade nettings,
color shade nettings, garden nettings, tarpaulins, and other canvas products.

The company has built a solid reputation in its field and is proud of the top-quality products that it offers at reasonable prices. It is happy to accept custom orders.
The firm’s products are ideal for agricultural and garden uses, and it welcomes inquiries for more information.


PE雨帆布, 平织遮光网, 针织遮光网, 杂草抑制席, 彩色遮光网


生产模式: ODM 设计加工, OBM 自有品牌
公司名称: 豪建塑胶股份有限公司