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Born in 1987, CHANLI MACHINERY specializes in developing and producing the Tissue paper converting and Packaging Machine Equipment. More than 17 years rich experiences in this field, we have owned a comprehensive product lines, include the custom and standard equipments, to serve hundreds of Tissue mills and converting manufacturers worldwide.
Our major product line are as followings:
1. Automatic Facial Tissue Interfolder(SOFIA):Fully-Automatic Unloading type 160M/Min,high speed interfolder,with automatic unloading production,paper width can up to 2300mm,reach the high efficency productivity.
2. Slitter and Rewinder: Paper width from 1,500mm, up to 3,600mm, operation speed up to 1,500M/Min. Major application in Ply Machine, Toilet, Facial Tissue and Non-woven Slitter and Rewinder.
3. Jumbo Roll Tissue Converting Machine: Finished Roll Diameter from 90mm to 400mm, operation speed up to 400M/Min., best choice for the Jumbo Roll Tissue (Industrial Roll) converting line.
4. Packaging Machine: From single Pack to Bundle Packing Machine, for the Pop Up tissue, Toilet Roll and Diaper products.
5. Handkerchief Folder and Packaging Machine: Speed to 200 packs/Min., automatic production line for standard and mini-type.
6. Turnkey Solution: Factory Layout rationalization and System Integration.
Keeping technical research, developing the Machine that can help customers to earn money much easier are the way and target of our philosophy:
1. AUTOMATION: Base on the automation concept to make the production sequence smooth, improve the productivity and efficiency.
2. FLEXIBILITY: According to the highly integration of Mechanics and Electrics, operator can easily set different size per the production request.
3. LABORSAVING: System design to reduce the demand of operator.
4.SIMPLIFIED: Streamline the Machinery structure and operation interface to simplify the operation, saving the time and workforce of maintenance.


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公司名称: 全利机械股份有限公司