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The New Factory was built for Liner Operations in 3 floors 2001. The total layout is very projected, neat, clean and efficient. Elevator and Fork Lift setup for moving Material between floors. Warehouse for Finished Goods is located another place very closed to this Main Factory. It also stocks Piston, Ring, Bush and Packing Materials. In it, an semi-auto machine for de-oil and anti-rusty oil applied.

Complete set of Engine Repair Parts named Liner Kit is our special offer for our customers. The Liner Kit includes Liner, Piston, Piston Ring ( Imported from Japan RIK, NPR or TP ) and Piston Pin,Bush and Clip. We pack them in the same way as Original. Using imported Piston Ring makes our Liner Kit to high quality enough to win client's confidence and satisfaction. Heavy and Ultra Heavy Liners for Trucks, Trailors, Buses, Ships and Engineering Equipments are experiened more than 25 years, such as Komatsu, Caterppilar, Cummins and so on.

We particularly developed all models of IRON Casting Pistons for Komatsu specifications. Same material as Original and similar quality at much cost less than Original. All customers are very satisfied on our our price and quality ratio performance.


活塞销, 活塞, 汽缸套, 活塞环, 油环


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公司类型: 制造商


公司名称: 贯宏精机股份有限公司
地址: 414 台中市乌日区太明路53巷12号
电话: 886-4-2335-0037 (3 line)
传真: 886-4-2335-0036, 2335-5834
网址: www.engine-parts.com.tw