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Tele Long Tele Long was founded by specialists in 1977. Specialized in the production and exportation of switches, sockets & breaker and connectors as well as the various electronic components in audio & video, computer, telecommunication.
With years of experiences and enthusiastic service to the customers, Tele Long Has become the most reliable in service, quality and competitive price to customers.

For a wide range of quality components, we offer the service all in one
and also are dedicated for customer design.


保险丝, 断路器与开关, 插头, 插座及其他, 音响设备, 电容器, 按钮开关, 无熔丝开关, 温度开关, 保险丝座, 切换开关, 微动开关, 旋转开关, 防水摇头开关, 摇头开关, 滑动开关, 汽车点烟插头, 车用开关, 博士端子, 香蕉插头插座, 鳄鱼夹 & IC 夹子

公司名称: 同利企业有限公司