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KOSO is a professional manufacturer in the field of parts & accessories
of the motorcycles, scooters and automobiles for 20 years. Constantly research, design, manufacture and market of various special tune-up & dress-up parts & accessories. Establishing its strong professional brand-KOSO.

The company is located in Tainan, Taiwan. Being an TS16949 certified establishment, it is possessed of outstanding expertise to develop the high-technology products continuously. Since its foundation in 1981, KOSO has promoted a lot to the rise of scooter parts and accessories in Taiwan because of its many new inventions. To confirm its wisdom property, the firm has applied for letters patent for many of the products which are now being protected.

In addition to its wide experiences in the motorcycle and scooter parts and accessories, in recent years, KOSO has been devoting to enhance the electronic technology in researching Digital Speedometer, Led Lights, and Heat Grips. The researchers put even more effort into the design and improvement to develop the life of the parts and accessories.


车内灯, 警示灯, 引擎温度表, 油压表, 安培表, 电压表, 车镜, 仪表板, 装饰灯, 其他外装配件, 改装车零配件, 赛车零配件, 尾灯, 油量表, 方向灯, 车身电系零件, 引擎转运表, 速率里程表, 灯泡, 闪光器

公司名称: 统亚电子科技股份有限公司