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For more than 20 years Jenn Chong Plastics Machinery Co., Ltd., has being recognized as a global leader in the production of superior plastic extrusion machinery to the plastic industry worldwide.

Our proficiency in the plastic extrusion technology offers you a complete solution for wide range of extrusion lines. Our manufacturing program includes:
- blown film extrusion system for single or multilayer film,
- monofilament extruding lines,
- flat yarn making machine & fibrillated yarn making machine,
- strapping band making machine,
- extruded net making machine, and
- relative plastic extruding machinery, includes whole plant project for rope, plastic bag and woven bag on the turn-key basis.

We supply every extruding lines with great confident and pride. Today, more than 500 satisfied customers in over 70 countries attest to the reliability and high performance of Jenn Chong Machinery.

With worldwide plastic industry knowledge, and a dedicated team of highly qualified and skilled personnel in the plastic industry, we are proud to be your competent partner,

For an innovative supplier who keeps you ahead of the competition, go with the leader. For more information, visit www.jennchong.com.tw.


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公司名称: 震錩塑胶机械厂股份有限公司