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Chea Hwae Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of automobile chassis parts, universal joints and automobile parts such as yokes, flanges and drive shafts for cars, trucks and agricultural machines. We are constantly developing new products and special production methods in order to comply with the market demands and to keep our competitive edge in the market.
We use a consistent production flow process and automatic machinery to guarantee fast delivery service to our customers. We are forever committed to quality which has assured us the distinguied position we now hold within the market.
If you would like to obtain more informaiton on our products, detail catalogs are readily available. We welcome your instructions and comments at any time.


万向接头, C.V. 接头, 水泵, 铝制品, 轭, 法兰, 传动轴, 汽机车零件, 底盘零件, 悬挂系统零件

公司名称: 虢龙有限公司