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MARK OIL SEAL CO., LTD. is found by a sophisticated management team of experienced engineers, focusing and prioritizing on high quality products. We provide variety of sealing solutions and components with wide range of product line for clients.

MARK OIL SEAL CO.,LTD. specialize in the manufacture Oil Seals for automotive, agricultural, industrial, light/heavy duty trucking, power tools, etc.

Our main goal is as said to develop a long-term business relationship with all our customers, and grow together with them steadily and prosperously. We sincerely hope that we will have the honor to work with you very shortly.

Our products are available in a wide range of models and specifications.
Our products feature precision surface treatments


卡车油封, 油封, 引擎零件, 密封元件O型环, 传动轴零件, 汽门油封, 传动轴系统零件, O型环, 油环, 引擎汽门, 迫紧


外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商
公司名称: 广懋精密工业有限公司
地址: 505彰化县鹿港镇彰滨五路2段91巷135-1号
电话: 886-4-778-2576
传真: 886-4-778-0459
网址: www.markseal.com.tw