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Founded:Oct 1st,1992
Site area:6,000 square meters
Quality:Continuous improvement and customers satisfaction are our main focuses on quality,base on the strict process control, the quality policy is to make Zero-defect products by expert technologies and TQM.
Throug our strong commitment to quality process,we achieved the certificate of ISO 9001 in 1998 and registration of QS 9000 in 2000.

OEM orders are welcome

We specialize in the manufacture of auto spare parts and accessories that meet customer standard.
Our products undergo strict QC to ensure high quality and durability. Contact us for further information.


方向盘, 灯泡, 消音器, 排气管, 排气系统零件, 车身零件, 座椅, 雨刷, 雨刷臂, 线圈弹簧, 其他内装配件, 其他外装配件, 改装车零配件

公司名称: 仁智实业有限公司