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Weisaike is a professional producer (factory) exclusively producing and developing components or accessories for car racing.

Our company owns a manufacturing factory which was established in the ‘60s. It was originally a professional factory exclusively making “valve bodies”, including industrial safety valves, three-way valves, solenoid valves, and steam valves.
This factory already built up a foundation for premium technology and expertise capability before it stepped into production of car components for racing.
For Japanese car models in Taiwan, our company has developed and produced a series of mechanical superchargers and for other car models, they are on an order-to-make basis. Besides, we also produce many accessories and peripheral products for chassis enhancement, such as fish-eye lower support arm, fish-eye upper housing, fish-eye rear lower connecting rod, mechanical quick shift, gasoline pressure regulator, and exhaust valve, etc. our products have been exported to Asia, Europe and the US.
Weisaike Industrial Co., Ltd. Makes continuous developing efforts and will further research and develop high quality car racing components to service our domestic and international buyers and users.



公司名称: 维赛克企业有限公司