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Established in 1996,First Pacific Electric Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer of auto spare parts, auto accessories and lighting products in China.We are serving as OEM/ODM supplier and producer worldwide. We are selling more than 300 kinds of auto and lighting products overseas,with a yearly business value over USD5,000,000.We are a pioneering company and we undestand what you need to get your job done, that's why we are continually designing ,sourcing and developing new products to make your life easier and your customers happier.We are a friendly business, keen to listen to your needs. By spotting new trends, we can provide you with the right product at the right time to help you develop your business.Any enquiry from you will be welcome,and it is our pleasure to serve you and your honored unit.


方向灯, 喇叭, 灯泡, 头灯, 警示灯, 雾灯, 尾灯, 天线, 工具

公司名称: 宁波保税区第一太平电器有限公司