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We are a full service company committed to the innovative uses of information technology in international commerce.
We work in the area of consulting, transaction, manufacturing, and sales of various hardware and commodities, primarily from and to Pacific Rim, Continental America and Europe.
Founded in 1982 we started out as a trading company specialized in hardware and pet accessories.
Today, we have formed partnerships and alliances with major manufacturers and acquired exclusive right in the production and
sales of patented commodities.
Products shown on this web-site are only part of our range.
We welcome OEM orders.
Please provide samples or pictures for specified production.


锁, 各类装饰, 装潢建材, 织品/皮革饰品, 木、竹、藤制零配件, 金属零件, 塑胶零配件, 把手, 陶瓷把手, 铜把手, 木制橱柜把手, 橱柜五金, 门牌, 门档, 建材五金, 花剪, 其他园艺工具, 水龙头, 卫浴零件, 刷子, 螺丝, 挂钩, 锁类, 门窗配件, 椅轮, 管夹, 窗廉、百叶窗及配件, 塑胶配件, 木制配件


员工数: 3
公司成立年: 1982
外销市场: 欧洲, 北美
公司类型: 贸易公司
公司名称: 畅鑫企业有限公司
联络人: 蔡佳恩