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Since the establishment of Yueh Jyh in July, 1975, we have adopted a series of production facilities, excellent technique and experience, strict quality control, reasonable price offing, sincere cordinated service, and punctual goods delivery to have been fully supported and patronized by our customers.


保险丝, 断电器, 保险丝座, 点烟器, 继电器, 救车线, 开关, 芳香剂, 其他外装配件, 端子, 车身电系零件, 闪光器, 线组, 汽机车零件, 摩托车零件, 各式继电器, 汽车电子式保险丝座, 汽车急救组, 汽车电线组立

公司名称: 岳志企业有限公司