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1. Dinkle is the No.1 brand of terminal blocks manufacturer in Asia, it is the manufacturer who brings the infinite benefit for the customers.

2. Dinkle has 9 factories in China, more than 3,000 employees, the service categories contains: product design, tool design and craft for punch pressing, plastic mold, stamping die, heat treatment, all types of forming and finishing process, surface treatment, product assembly and automation, quality examination..., Dinkle satisfies the customers’ diverse needs as well as the growing of multiplex services through continuous upgrading the manufacturing capacity and project ranges..

3. With the foundation of Dinkle's existing manufacturing capability, and the principle of “corporation instead of competition, business sharing instead of replacement ”, close corporation with the exceptional ones in all domains, to achieve the result of mutual benefits.


端子台, 电力器材

公司名称: 町洋企业股份有限公司